Underground Railroad Sampler Quilt Top


I love looking at quilts, working on quilts with my Grandmother and studying the designs and patterns. For the past few months, I have been following the progress of a friend who has been working on an Underground Railroad Sampler Quilt. Though we are not sure of some of the details, there is a strong possibility that quilts like this one may have played a significant role in helping slaves escape to the North.

Here is an Underground Railroad Sampler by Anne C of western Kentucky. Though she has not started the quilting process,the piecing work is beautiful and deserves to be showcased for you!

Underground Railroad Sampler Quilt Top

This is Anne’s fabric as she got ready to begin the Underground Railroad Sampler from Happy Hearts Quilting.

annes quilt material

Each square relates to the Civil War Underground Railroad and played a significant role in the event.

anne's quilt 3
>anne's quilt 2

Here is the finished quilt top with the border. It is beautiful now, but I can’t wait to see what it looks like after it has been quilted. Anne told me that she is not sure yet how she plans to do the quilting process. Maybe she’ll take a class and learn how to do the long arm method. Not sure what that is? I wasn’t either! But here is a definition of Longarm Quilting.

anne's quilt

More About the Underground Railroad Sampler

Take a trip on the Underground Railroad! Join Eleanor Burns and Sue Bouchard as they guide you through the story of the Underground Railroad. Learn how fifteen quilt blocks may have played a significant role in communication between the slaves and how it helped them on their way to freedom.The book has 168 full color pages with step by step instructions for each of the 15 blocks. There are also directions to make a miniature Underground Railroad quilt. The book contains yardage and cutting charts in addition to fabric identification pages that will assist the quilter in cutting and marking her fabric for this beautiful sampler. “Underground Railroad Sampler” also includes a color page depicting the “Story of the Underground Railroad” that can be photocopied onto Photo Transfer Fabric and included in the quilt.

You can buy the Underground Railroad Sampler instruction booklet from Amazon or look for it at your local quilt store.

Thanks to Anne C for sharing this amazing sampler she has been working on. I love seeing the beautiful hobbies you all are doing! Keep sharing! When is the last time you have worked on a quilt? I’d love to hear!

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