Great Grandmothers Quilt

My husband’s great grandmother hand pieced this quilt using scrap material left over from house dresses, work clothes and play clothes. His Dad can point out pieces of fabric he remembers his Mom or the kids wearing.

My husband received this as a Christmas present when he was a child. We don’t use this quilt. It’s irreplaceable and a family heirloom that we love.

Great Grandmothers Quilt
Great Grandmothers Quilt

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  1. I started a Grandma’s flower garden quilt over 30 years ago, having fallen in love with a picture in a magazine. I have made many flowers upto 19 hexas together, I pinned them to a queen size sheet, but have a very long way to go. I seem to bring it out every 5 years and do a bit more. Suddenly I am nearly 75, and would like to finish it. But. Probably should have started something smaller, perhaps with the machine.

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