Crochet Crawl 2020

Do you love to browse the yarn aisle at your local craft store? Do you have every size crochet hook you can imagine and love experimenting with different stitches? Do you enjoy sharing your crocheted creations with the people around you? If you love afghans, scarves, and hats and love seeing how other people are blessing the world around them with their yarn creations, then you are the person I am looking for! There’s just nothing more inspiring than hearing about the good that people are doing with their love for crochet.

Join me on our first ever annual Crochet Crawl!

How do you participate?

If you have love to crochet, then you probably have pictures of your finished (or in-process) projects! You can email me the pictures or share them on Facebook or Instagram. Just add #crochetcrawl to your picture on social media and we can all see it. You can even follow #crochetcrawl hashtag to see the newest afghans, scarves and hats as people tag them on Instagram!

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My Personal Afghans

I remember my first experience with crochet when Grandma, my Mom and I went on a road trip together. I had a crochet hook and a skein of yarn and Grandma taught me to make a single crochet chevron pattern afghan on that trip.

I made 4 afghans during those early years and then didn’t tough a crochet hook again until last Thanksgiving. Now I’m ‘hooked’ again! I finished the blue and brown multi-colored afghan this past week and am starting a new one tonight!

Grandma’s Afghans

Grandma learned to crochet as a young girl from her Mom and made so many afghans that she lost count. Her favorite stitch was the chevron ripple although she did do a few with other stitches. Over the years, she made an afghan for each of her sons, grandkids, great-grandkids and countless other friends and family members.

Crocheting for a Cause

Not only do many people crochet for their own relaxation to gift to family and friends, crocheting is a hobby that is often used for charity and ministries.

One city in South Dakota offers the homeless population hats and scarves throughout the long winter months. There are statues of each of the US Presidents on the downtown corners of Rapid City. People in the community bring hats and scarves to decorate the presidents and anyone who needs one can take it with them.

Crocheted Prayer Shawls

I know a special lady who crochets dozens of prayer shawls, blankets and hats to give to people when they are experiencing hard times. Sometimes she knows these people by name and prays for them with every stitch. Other times she prays for the person who will receive the gift and then donates them to cancer centers, churches and other ministries. Each of her creations is presented to the recipient with love and hours spent praying for that person and their specific needs.

My family was on the receiving end of her special gifts when we were experiencing a time of grief. There is something special about a gift that is covered in prayer.

Hats & Afghans for Thoughtful Gifts

Another friend of mine, Erin, has made many afghans over the past few years and regularly gives them as gifts. She says that some are made with the recipient in mind but others are created with love and care and then gifted when she hears of a special need. She recently started crocheting hats and has made some for the local women’s shelter.

Erin shared how making 12 afghans in a year taught her some important lessons about life in this article:

The true gift is giving. My Mom said when she received her blanket, “To think you had been thinking of me the entire time you worked on this blanket is gift enough.” The mere fact someone feels more loved, more appreciated, or it even puts a smile on their face was reason enough to do this.

What I Learned from Crocheting 12 Blankets in 1 Year

Do you love to crochet? Are you doing something special with your crafty creations? I’d love to hear and SEE your afghans, scarves, hats and other crocheted special designs.

Are you just learning to crochet? Here are 8 things to remember when you get started with crochet!

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