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Easy Tips for Garden Success

Easy Tips for Garden Success

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to spend time out in the garden. There’s just something so rewarding about getting my hands in the dirt, planting something new, and getting some weeds under control and this weekend was the perfect combination of temperature, sunshine, and time. I don’t have…

Infusible Ink project starters

Infusible Ink project starters

Did you purchase a Cricut Mug Press last year and have lots of infusible ink transfer sheets but no ideas of what else to make this season? I’ve got tons of inspirational ideas to help you create gifts, projects, and fun designs. With just a few basic sublimation blanks you can create bookmarks, keychains, ornaments,…

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Cricut Crafts

Join me as we create with the Cricut! Make bookmarks, cards, infusible ink mugs, and personalized gifts!

Crochet Projects

Let’s turn yarn into simple aghans, washcloths, pumpkins and easy slouch bags.

Travel Tips

Let’s go an adventure and discover the amazing world around us. Find road trip inspiration & travel tips.

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