Blue Jean Squares Quilt

This entry in the Online Quilt Show comes from a reader who decided that just because blue jeans are worn out or no longer wearable, that didn’t mean they were ready for the trash!

Blue Jean squares make a warm comfy quilt that is heavy and warm – perfect for long winter months! #OnlineQuiltShow

Blue Jean Squares Quilt

This quilt is made out of the family’s old jeans. I cut the jeans into squares and after about 4 months I just started sewing them together with no plan in mind. It ended up the size of a King size bedspread. I even made the throw pillows with leftover pieces of the jeans.


Online Quilt Show

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  1. Quilts are such wonderful works of art and should be recognized as such. Thanks for giving these the attention they deserve. I still haven’t given up on my hope to go to the quilt show in Paducah.

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