Kayelynn’s Family Quilts

My friend Kayelynn has some heirloom quilt treasures. Whether family quilts come from yard sale scraps, are rescued out of the trashcan or purchased as a gift from an elderly lady in a neighboring city, these quilts are beautiful and worthy of being loved and cherished for many generations.

Quilt blocks are often turned into family treasures by making pillows. This is a great way to be able to enjoy the quilts when you don’t have the necessary blocks to make the full quilt.

Kayelynn’s Family Quilts

My mom got this for me on my 18th birthday. It was handmade by a little old lady in Stanford.


This quilt I found that had been tossed out in the garbage. It’s beautiful. I washed and cleaned it up. It was my husband’s grandmother. It’s old very old and hand-stitched from start to finish. I love it and so does my daughter, Lianna.

My sister made these pillows for Christmas one year out of scraps she bought at yard sales.

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