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18 Aug

How to Create Personalized Cups

Do you have any parties or family gatherings planned this summer? Are any of your guests coffee or tea drinkers? Why not create a personalized cup for each of...

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24 May

Display Seashells from the Beach

One of the best parts of a beach vacation is searching for the perfect seashells in the ocean. But what do you do with them when you get home?...

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12 Dec

Christmas Pinecone Ornaments

Have you planned out teacher gifts for your child to take for Christmas? Instead of the traditional candies or lotion, how about getting a little crafty? Here are some...

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03 Feb

Last Minute Valentine Box Ideas

Over the years we have created some fun Valentines Day boxes for the kids. But as they are getting older, the boxes change. There have been some years where...

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30 Jan

Brenda’s Cathedral Window Quilts

One of my favorite parts of the Online Quilt Show is the opportunity to connect with other quilters who are creating amazing quilts! One reader, Brenda, sent these pictures...

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01 Nov

Easy Rocketship PiggyBank Craft

My son has a 4H project due this next week so it was time to get a few craft supplies out and let his imagination go to work. His...

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