Our Mother Daughter Spring Quilt

Have you been following our mother daughter Spring Quilt? My daughter and I have been working for several months on a quilt using the colors of Spring. We’ve made some great progress. This past week, we were able to get the quilt into the hoop and start the actual quilting process.


Our Mother Daughter Spring Quilt

Assembling the Quilt

Together we laid out a flat white sheet, the batting and the topper.

Tip from my Grandma: Use a low threadcount for the sheet. This will make it easier to slide your needle through the layers. The higher the threadcount – the thicker the fabric.

pinning the quilt

Putting the quilt in the hoop

My kids don’t remember me making any quilts, so the hoop was a fascination. I showed them how to put the quilt in the hoop – starting in the center and working our way out.

The quilting begins

I have my first one that I did with my Grandma If you look closely, you can definitely see the difference between her stitches and mine. My daughter was excited to actually start quilting on this Spring Quilt. You can definitely see that she has huge stitches and they aren’t exactly straight, but this is part of the learning process. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. She will always have this small reading lap quilt and remember the times we are spending on it together.

An ongoing process

Our quilt is not done yet, but it will be soon! I on purpose didn’t start with a full size quilt for this project. I wanted something small enough that my daughter could accomplish it before she gets tired of the process.


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