Blue Jean Flannel Quilt: Week 2

Did you get your flannel and blue jean squares cut last week for your new quilt? Now it’s time for week 2’s assignment. Today we’re going to sew the squares together and make our blocks. Don’t worry too much about creating a perfect pattern. Just start working on it piece by piece and enjoy the satisfaction of a project that you can pick up when you have a few spare minutes.

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Update from a quilter friend: Instead of sewing them around, you may prefer to sew an X through each square. I took a few minutes and sewed the X on a few squares and now I think I’m ready to move forward!

Blue Jean & Flannel Rag Quilt – Week 2

Last week I showed you how to start cutting the blocks. Did you start cutting the denim and flannel yet? I am making 7-inch squares out of my old blue jean and flannel material. At this point, I realize I don’t have enough to make a quilt the size I’m envisioning. That means that I will be going back to my first steps and cut out more denim and flannel squares. Good thing I just found another pair of pajama pants and blue jeans in the closet when I was cleaning out the closets this week.

Update from another quilter friend: Instead of sewing them around, you may prefer to sew an X through each square. I’m going to try that tonight and then see if that works better!

Materials Needed

  • Blue Jeans of all shades of blue
  • Flannel Pajamas or shirts
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread


  • Gather your blue jeans and flannel squares.
  • Stack one piece of denim and flannel and sew around the entire square
  • Sew as many squares as you can finish this week.
  • Don’t worry about being too careful. If you look at my seams, you’ll notice that I’m definitely a perfectionist. When you start attaching them together, you will be cutting the edges anyway.

Have you ever made a rag quilt using denim and flannel? Any tips as I move into this new step on this ‘quarantine quilt’?

Did you miss step 1 of our Blue Jean – Flannel Quilt? Check out the first step here!

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