My Blue Quilt for Mom

My mom loves blue. So when I wanted to make a new quilt using blue and white fabric, I knew it would be a great gift for Mom. I used blue floral fabric and blue solid fabric that I inherited from my Grandma. I found this pattern in a quilt book from the library. I loved the way my blue quilt for mom fit together so easily.

My Blue Quilt for Mom

I was visiting my parent’s house this past weekend and was pleased to find that Mom still enjoys it in her guest room. My kids got to sleep under the blue quilt that I made for my Mom.

I was once asked why I enjoyed the quilting process. I think what makes a quilt so special is that is a memory that can be enjoyed for many years by many family members. It’s not an elaborate or intricate design, but it was created with love.

blue quilt for mom
My blue quilt for Mom

This quilt was machine pieced and hand quilted.

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