Novels About Quilts


Do you enjoy finding books that feature your favorite hobbies? I have always been fascinated by quilts and love going to quilt shows, the National Quilt Museum in Paducah and making my own simple quilt designs for my family. As we celebrate the Online Quilt Show and take our time enjoying the various quilts that are on display here on Hobbies on a Budget, let’s also find some new books that use quilts to tell the stories.

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There are many novels that have used quilts to help tell the story. It just makes sense that quilts would be tied to so many story lines – you take the fabric of someone’s life and piece it together to create a masterpiece!

How many of these quilt themed novels have you read?

Novels about Quilts

What is your favorite novel that has a quilt as its centerpiece? I’d love to hear!

Online Quilt Show

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