My First Nine Patch Quilt

About 15 years ago, I asked my Grandma to help me make my first quilt. I was really clueless but I knew I wanted to try my hand at quilting. What started as a weekend project stretched out over many months, but together we finished my very first nine patch quilt.

My first nine patch quilt

My First Nine Patch Quilt

I didn’t have a clue how to get started, but Grandma had tons of fabric rolls and pieces in tote boxes. We went through the fabric and I found some solid green and some coordinating floral prints for us to get started.

She chose the Nine Patch quilt design because it is a great basic pattern for beginning quilters. Even as basic as this pattern is, I still managed to make the corners crooked.

If you look closely, you can see the tiny, even stitches where Grandma showed me how to hand quilt the quilt top. Then you can look right beside her beautiful stitches and see my large, awkward attempts. Working on this quilt with my Grandma is one of my treasured memories. It was such a combined effort of love, that it is one of my favorite quilts in my closet.

My first nine patch quilt

Years have passed since Grandma and I made this first nine patch quilt, but we always enjoyed getting out new fabrics and planning out new quilts. I’m not quite sure when this next one will be finished, and I may never get as good at hand quilting as Grandma, but this is such a great memory to share with this amazing lady I call Grandma!

Sharon and Grandma working on quilt

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