Motherhood Truths To Remember

If you have been a mom for at least 10 minutes, that I can promise you that you will recognize this next statement as truth. There are many times that we fail as moms. There are many times that we feel guilty about not doing something exactly right. But for every one of those times that we fail, there are a dozen more times that we succeed. The key is just taking the time to notice. Here are some motherhood truths to remember today!

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Motherhood Truths To Remember

A few years ago I wrote a series of articles called confessions of a mom. In those articles, I shared different things that I had done in the early years of me being a mom that I should confess to.

When my kids were small if I had to go to the grocery store when they were hungry, I would occasionally pick up a banana out of the produce section and let them eat it. I always made sure to keep the banana peeling so I could pay for it when I got to the checkout. But guess what I saw this past week? Kroger offers free fruit to young children! Have you seen this display in your store? I love that Kroger understands that Moms sometimes need something to help the kids get through the shopping trip.

When I was going through some pictures the other day I found this picture of me and the kids. I remember that I had a lot of papers that need to be shredded. I’m proud to say that instead of sending the kids to their room or putting them down for a movie, on that particular day I turned my work into fun. I’m so thankful that I have this picture to remind me that on that particular day I had a “Mom Win” not a “Mom fail”! As we shredded the papers, I pulled the pieces out of the shredder and tossed them in the air. We had an epic snow fight using all of those shredded pieces of papers. The kids had so much fun. Yes, it was a mess to clean up but it was such a “mom win” moment!

When my first baby was born, I remember my mom telling us as we left the hospital that she would be there very soon to help me settle in. My husband and I took our new baby to our apartment and began our new life as a family of three. My mom -being very sweet- decided to give us a little time to acclimate and bond as a new unit. She went to the store to pick up some groceries and left us to our family time. When she arrived one hour later, I was in tears and my husband was trying to soothe a crying baby.

She gave me the best piece of advice that I have ever received as a mom. She told me that motherhood is an amazing journey, but is one often filled with guilt. Most of the time the guilt is self-inflicted and not real. She wanted me to understand that I would probably never be a perfect mom, or do everything right in my journey as a mom, but that in doing my very best, I would be doing an amazing job.

kids and mud #motherfunny

I have to admit that I have not quite learned that lesson yet. I still have days that I fail as a mom. There are some days that I feel like I am on top of the world, and I’m getting it right. But there are other days when I just wish I could live up to the role of the pinterest moms that are always giving the illusion of perfection.

I will never forget the day my little toddler son cried for almost 2 hours because he didn’t want to put a shoe on. Since I thought it was important that he have his shoe on because we were headed out to work, I let him cry. When an older lady finally took the shoe off and found a plastic toy that was hurting his foot, believe me, I did not feel like the perfect mother. When my son had bronchitis and then mono and I thought it was just a common cold, believe me, I didn’t feel like the perfect mother.

But on those days when you share the special moments with your children, you know that motherhood is not about the times you fail. It’s about the special experiences that bring you together and make you stronger. I learn this every day from my mom and dad and Grandma.

I remember asking my 97-year-old grandma when do you grow out of the worry that you’re not gonna be a good mom. Her answer was epic. Sharon, you are always going to be a mom. You always worry about your children even when they’re 70. You always pray for them, wonder where they are, wonder if they’re safe, and ask them to call you when they get home – you’re never quite sure you’ve done enough. That’s just part of being a mom.

he opposite side of the coin is also true. There are going to be moments when we feel like we fail. The good thing is that we are not graded on a pass or fail grading system. We just do the best we can and pray that our children understand the journey we are on as a mom.

What are some of the things you have done that you can celebrate as a mom? I’d love to hear some of your winning moments!

Being a mom is definitely the most rewarding! I wouldn’t trade it for the world, don’t you agree? Happy Mother’s Day!

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