How to Create a Memory SunCatcher


It’s getting close to Mother’s Day which means it’s time to celebrate the Moms that mean the world to us! With a few alphabet buttons, paint, a wooden cutout, and some fishing line you can create a suncatcher that will celebrate the gift of family! This Memory SunCatcher is a perfect craft project for all skill levels. You simply paint the word, thread the buttons and tie a few knots. Let’s celebrate the Moms and family we love so much!

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How to Create a Memory SunCatcher

Our core family consists of my parents, me and my 2 siblings, our spouses, and the kids! We are 18 in number. That’s a lot of people that my Mom and Dad spend time praying and thinking about on a daily basis! I wanted to find a way to keep our names in front of them anytime Mom is in the kitchen washing dishes or when she just walks past her window! I wanted to create a simple Memory Windchime featuring each of our names!

Materials Needed


  • Paint the wooden word
  • If you want a little extra sparkle and don’t have the right paint, you can use a sparkly clear fingernail polish.
  • Sort the letter beads to spell the names
  • Put a knot at the end of the fishing line
  • Slide each name onto the line
  • Alternate the names with the handprint buttons
  • Tip:  to Keep the names and buttons from sliding together, just make a little knot in the fishing line along the way.
  • Tie the line with the names to the wooden sign.
  • Use a small suction cup to attach the suncatcher to the window.
  • Wrap the individual lines in tissue paper so they don’t get tangled in the gift bag.
  • Enjoy the memories of each person every time you see their names

How do you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day? I’d love to hear!

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