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Thumbprint Flower Pots

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Looking for a simple craft project to help get spring started a little early?  If you and the kids are ready to get a little crafty and starting to feel a bit stir crazy, here’s a simple Spring gift using small terra cotta pots, paint, seeds and potting soil! These thumbprint flower pots don’t take a big time commitment or cost a lot of money but will create memories for the next seasons of life.

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Thumbprint Flower Pots

These thumbprint flower pots are not only perfect to welcome Spring, but they would be a special gift to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Thumbprint Flower Pots

Materials Needed

Small Terra Cotta Pots
Acrylic Paint
Potting Soil

Thumbprint Flower Pots


Pour small amount of paint on a piece of cardboard
Make animals or flowers on terracotta pots

Thumbprint Flower Pots

Let the kids use their thumbs to make thumbprint designs.

Thumbprint Flower Pots

Use a small paintbrush to add detail as needed.
Once the paint has dried, it’s time to add the potting soil.

Thumbprint Flower Pots

Help the kids plant a few seeds in each pot.

Thumbprint Flower Pots

Water each pot and wait for the seeds to sprout! How would you decorate these terra cotta pots? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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