Mother’s Day Ideas and Crafts

It’s almost time for Mother’s Days. That means it’s time to give your kids permission to make a mess on the craft table and the kitchen. Get a head start on the fun by helping them make some crafts for their Nana, Nonna, grandmothers and other special ladies in their life. Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be elaborate or expensive, they just need to be made with love and gifted by the kids that make our lives special.

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Mothers Day Craft Ideas

Mother’s Day Ideas and Crafts

There’s nothing sweeter than the handprints of a small child. Capture the memories with some paint and a simple apron. You can purchase an apron from most hobby stores for just a few dollars. You can continue to add their handprints year after year and see their hands grow.

Thumbprint Flower Pots

Flower pots are not only perfect to welcome spring, but they are also a special gift to celebrate Mother’s Day. To make these pots, simply pour a small amount of paint on a piece of cardboard and have the kids use their thumbs to make thumbprint designs. They can design butterflies, sunshine face, lady bugs or simple flowers. Use a small paintbrush to add details as needed. Help the kids plant a few seeds in each pot. Water each pot and wait for the seeds to sprout!

How are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day? I’d love to hear and see the crafty gifts you and your kids gift to the special Mom’s in your life!

And before you know it, Father’s Day will be here! Check out this simple way to reuse a favorite tie to make a keepsake bookmark!

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