Best Mothers Day Gift Ideas

It’s almost Mother’s Day and that means it’s time to celebrate one of the most important people in the world. How do you show your Mom how much she means to you? I’ve gathered some ideas for Mother’s Day to help make your Mom feel special.

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Best Mothers Day Gift Ideas


One of my favorite things to give my Mom is time! I love spending time with her and creating memories together. Recently I called her up and asked for help on an upcoming project. Sure, I could probably get the project accomplished on my own, but it’s so much more fun to work together and spend time building memories.

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My family and friends know that if you’re around me and we’re doing something fun, I’m going to snap pictures. I love capturing the moments with my phone/camera. Take lots of pictures together so you can enjoy and remember the moments.


There are some great books that help develop memories and share stories. I love the Mom & Me Journal that gives the Mom and daughter a chance to share what is going on inside their heads – what they like and dislike, what their dreams are, and how they want to reach those dreams. Kids want to know what their mom’s favorite things are, what parts of their life were most memorable, and what their mom was like at their age. Were they always the maternal figure they see now? Or have we all gotten a bit of wildness from our mothers?

The journal includes playful illustrations, do-it-yourself pie charts, future adventure planningfamily superlatives, and other interesting journal prompts.

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Mindful Thoughts for Mothers is a beautiful hardback gift book with 25 focused reflections on motherhood that will help you find greater self-understanding and enable you to navigate a mindful path along this exciting journey.

Flowers & Growing Things

If you and your Mom share a love for plants, then buy a bouquet of flowers or some new succulents. If you have a young child, then you could create a thumbprint flower pot and plant a simple seed.

Office Supplies

Is your Mom someone who spends time on the computer? How about a new computer mat, desk calendar or planner? Love Desk Mats help keep the office space organized and beautiful. Like an oversized mouse pad but even better. Love Desk Mats protect desks from dust and scratches, keep desk space clear and organized, and will add some super style to any computer space.


Ok, so this one is a little more difficult to actually give but every Mom I know would love a little more sleep. Since you can’t actually gift better sleep, how about the next best thing? FaceSecret is a fitted, slipover, drawstring and one size fits most pillowcase. I have been using the pink satin FaceSecret pillowcase and can’t say I sleep better, but I can say that it is super comfortable. I’m thinking it will be great to take on our next road trip so I can just slip it over the hotel pillow and not have to use the pillowcases that are provided.

Make a Name SunCatcher

Years ago I made this family suncatcher for my Mom using lettered beads to spell the names of her kids and grandkids. It still hangs in her window as a reminder to pray for each of her family members every time she sees it.

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Do you have special traditions or things you do with your Mom? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Fun reading inside my daughters head as she writes her posts – and I love the pictorial journey. Pictures are so important. On days when I might have a “mommy-fail-day” and there are those along the journey- pictures often spark precious forgotten memories of the precious journey a mother and child have shared.
    Thanks for sharing.

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