Is it a Waste of Time to Crochet an Afghan?

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This is a question I’ve thought about a few times over the past few weeks as I’ve gotten hooked on crocheting again. I spend a little time each evening doing what some might think is unproductive. When I’m crocheting, I’m not doing laundry, the kitchen doesn’t get cleaned and I don’t get any blogging done. Does that mean that it is a waste of time to create an afghan? Absolutely Not! Sometimes it’s important to spend time just focusing on your hobbies. And if that hobby involves a crochet hook and yarn, then it’s ok.

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Is it a Waste of Time to Crochet an Afghan?

Last weekend my daughter and I had a conversation about one of her hobbies and I realized something really deep. Sometimes spending time on hobbies is one of the most important things you can do. Sometimes it’s as important to do the things that you love as it is to do the routine things that make life work.

The thing about hobbies is that they may not always be available to you. You may not always be able to travel. There may come a time when arthritis keeps you from being able to do crafts, sew or crochet. You may not always be able to hike, camp or run a 5K. Life may get too busy when your babies are little or when you are helping with grandkids. So hobbies should be pursued NOW!

What do you gain from hobbies?

There are many benefits to pursuing hobbies. People who have active hobbies are typically more focused at work, relaxed with family and have productive things to fill their free time. There is also the added bonus of creating family keepsakes.

Many of us have quilts, afghans or wood projects that were created by our parents or grandparents that we treasure. Some of my most special possessions are things that were made by my family and friends at different stages in their hobbies.

Benefits of Hobbies

  • Time to relax
  • Time to Meditate or Pray
  • The satisfaction of a completed project
  • A Memory to pass on to others
  • Perspective on Life

Time spent pursuing hobbies is never wasted. Think about the hobbies you enjoy and look for ways to squeeze some time in your busy schedule so you can focus on the things you enjoy.

Then tell me – do you think hobbies are a waste of time or an important part of life? I’d love to hear from you, but my response might be delayed – I want to go crochet a few rows on my latest afghan!

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