5 Things on my Life List

In my life, I’ve had the opportunity to do alot of neat things! I’ve traveled with the family and explored many great locations. But I’ve got great plans to see more of the world with my family and love dreaming of the next adventure. Here are some specific things on my life list that I want to do in the next few years!

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5 Things on my Life List

Recently one of my friends shared her list of 10 life bucket list things that she wants to experience and I loved the idea. So today, I’m sharing 5 things that are on my list. I would love to hear what you have on your life experience list.

1. Take the family on a vacation that involves an airport.

Natalie and I were able to fly to New York City in 2016. It was the mother-daughter adventure of a lifetime. But the boys have never taken a vacation that involves an airport. So this is one adventure that we have to experience soon.

2. Road Trip across the Western US

Some of my best memories growing up were spent when we would road trip all over the country. We had a pull behind camper and a large station wagon. Mom and Dad created a wooden frame to hold all 5 of our bikes and of course, we had the car top carrier to hold the gear. Now that my kids are older, we can take bigger road trips. Since none of us have been out west, we are already trying to figure out when we can get an extended vacation from life and do a big road trip across the western US. It may not look quite like my growing up years in the station wagon, but we’ll make our own memories!

3. Hit all 50 states

Right now I’m at 32! That means I only need 18 more states to hit all 50! The Kids are at 23! Not too bad, but time to knock out some more state travel!

4. Take a cruise

I’ve been to the Bahamas but never been on a cruise. Recently I received this really cool PLAYMOBIL cruise ship set that has me and the kids dreaming over a cruise. The sand, waves, wind, all the food we can eat and the adventures at each port…. Have you been on a cruise? Got any great tips for us before we start planning our first adventure on a cruise ship?

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Gift idea: If your family is booking a cruise for a surprise trip, you could use this PLAYMOBIL cruise ship to help share the surprise or keep the fun going after you get back!

5. Visit all 5 Great Lakes

We’ve been to Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario…. Two more to go!

What are some things on your life list? Where do you want to travel and experience next? I’d love to hear!

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