60 Reasons To Be Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving and people everywhere are spending time with family and friends. Some are helping in the community while others are giving back by serving our country on foreign soil. Today I gathered some friends to help us find reasons to be thankful.

60 Reasons to be Thankful

I understand that this list will not be the same list you create.  That’s what makes our lives so unique.  Each of us has different reasons to be thankful.  So, here’s my list.  Some of the items will match your thoughts exactly;  some will be completely opposite.  But whatever your reasons to be thankful, take some time today to think about the things that make your life rich…. and don’t forget to say THANKS!

  1. I have a God who cares about me and saved me.
  2. I have a guaranteed future in Heaven because of my choice.
  3. I am alive.
  4. I can see.
  5. I can hear.
  6. I can move.
  7. I am an American.
  8. I have family who love me.
  9. I still love being married after 25 years.
  10. I have a roof over my head.
  11. I have heat,
  12. …water
  13. …electricity.
  14. I am employed.
  15. I love my job.
  16. I have friends.
  17. I can read.
  18. I have access to books.
  19. I have a computer –
  20. …with internet access.
  21. I have a car that runs.
  22. …and money to buy gas.
  23. We have food on our table.
  24. …..Most of the time it really tastes good!
  25. I have money to buy a few extras in life to make it fun.
  26. My kids enjoy being together.
  27. My family loves to laugh.
  28. Automatic reminders on my calendar
  29. Vacuum cleaners
  30. I have clothes to wear.
  31. I have hobbies that I enjoy.
  32. I own a camera and get fun pictures.
  33. We don’t use film; we have digital photography.
  34. We enjoy the flowers in our yard.
  35. Chocolate is cheap.
  36. I have blogger friends who help and support my blog.
  37. Hobbies on a Budget is growing.
  38. I own a washing machine and dryer.
  39. Pizza can be purchased in the freezer section.
  40. Music is on my ipod not on hundreds of CD’s in my closet.
  41. I have basic sewing skills to make costumes for my kids.
  42. Daffodils will be blooming again in only 3 months.
  43. DVR
  44. We have trash cans….
  45. ….and weekly trash service.
  46. Beauty and hygiene products have evolved to where they now are.
  47. Women have the right to vote,
  48. …go to school,
  49. …..be whatever we want to be!
  50. I know the difference between daffodils, lilies and hostas.
  51. I have flowers blooming in my yard from last frost to first freeze.
  52. My garden provides us bell peppers year round.
  53. Candles are enjoyed but not necessary.
  54. Playing the piano doesn’t require electricity.
  55. Cashiers at local stores who smile!
  56. Indoor plumbing
  57. Google can tell me almost anything
  58. Thankful I can blog about my hobbies!
  59. ….and that there are people like you who actually read what I write!
  60. Kids who help me get the pictures I need for posts like this!

Happy Thanksgiving folks!  Have a great day!  What should I add to this list?  I’d love to hear what you are thankful for!

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