Crochet the Chevron Afghan with Double Crochet Stitch


My Grandma made many afghans in her lifetime. She always had a stash of yarn and a new afghan in process. Many years ago, she taught me how to crochet and my love for this hobby has lasted. I’ve made several afghans in the past years, untangled more knots than I can count, and chased balls of yarn all over the living room. One of my favorite patterns is the chevron afghan using the double crochet stitch. This is the easiest pattern I have found and hopefully will help you create this beautiful afghan!

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Chevron Afghan with Double Crochet Stitch

I use the double crochet stitch for this entire afghan. If you don’t know how to do the double crochet stitch, click here to watch a video and learn.

How to do the double crochet stitch

Most people make the chevron afghan using the single crochet stitch but I prefer the double for two reasons.

  • The double crochet stitch goes fast! I love the instant gratification that comes when you have 2-3 rows done with the double crochet stitch. It just makes your progress obvious really quickly.
  • The double crochet is so easy to count. With the single crochet stitch, I lose my count quickly. But dc is easy to count to 7. You can stretch it out easily and count the posts so you make sure each section is the same.

Yarn I Used

Materials Needed:

Directions for Chevron Afghan:

I am really green when it comes to crochet patterns. I can ‘kind of’ read a pattern but honestly, they are still tough. But if you can do the double crochet, you can make this afghan.

  1. Chain approximately 145 (this number does not need to be exact) I just make sure my first chain is wide enough to cover one person.
  2. Chain 3 to turn and start the next row.
  3. Go through both loops when you turn and make your first double crochet (dc).
  4. Skip 1 loop and go through both loops in the next chain.
  5. Do 7 more double crochets (dc) – You should have 10 dcs on the ends. (I count the turn where you did 3 chains as the first one of 10).
    • *Chain 3 (This makes the top of the mountain.)
    • Start your next dc in the next loop and do 7 dc.
    • Skip 3 and start your next dc in the 4th loop. (This is your valley)
    • Do 7 dc and then repeat*
  6. When you reach the end of your row, you will do 8 dc and not 7.
  7. Then skip 1 and dc.
  8. Skip 1 more and dc.
  9. Check to make sure you have 10 total and then turn.
  10. Repeat from #2 to turn and start the next row.

Shades of Blue Afghan

For this Shades of Blue Afghan, I did 2 rows of the Soft Navy and then a whole skein of the True Blue Ombre yarn. When you run out of the ombre, do 2 rows of the Navy. Repeat with another skein of True Blue Ombre and finish off with 2 rows of Navy.

Mountains and Valleys

One of the hardest things for me when I started the Chevron Afghan is getting the mountains and valleys even. When I was using the single crochet, I would lose count and none of my rows would be even. By doing the double crochet stitch, I am able to count the posts and ensure that every peak and valley is lined up. If you mess up your counting, then you can easily unravel a few stitches and recount!

I love the look of this double crochet afghan. Have you made any chevron pattern afghans? I’d love to see your finished (or in progress) projects. Use #crochetcrawl on Facebook or Instagram to share it with all of us!

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  1. Can you please provide further instructions beginning with the 2nd row? Do you still ch 3 and DC in the next stitch or do you work stitches in the ch 3? The way it’s written doesn’t make sense. Also, when the pattern says to skip 3 DC and DC in the 4th stitch which is a decrease how does t hat work on the additional rows. Do you still skip 3 stitches? I don’t quite understand.

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