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There’s just nothing quite like attending a Quilt Show – walking through a gallery and studying the quilts, hearing the stories, and being amazed at the workmanship. For over 10 years, I have worked with quilters from all around the country to host an Online Quilt Show. And we’re going to do it again! Some of these quilts are works of art, others are put together as an act of love. Some will amaze you; others will simply make you smile. Take a few minutes and enjoy looking through these quilts from the comfort of your living room!  Be inspired and appreciate the workmanship behind each of these special quilts! #OnlineQuiltShow

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My Grandma has made many beautiful quilts over the years. I will never forget the day I asked her to teach me how to quilt. I told her I was ready to make a quilt. I guess I thought it would take one day or maybe the whole weekend. I just had no real understanding of how long it really takes to make a quilt. A few years ago I asked her to share the story of our quilting experience so I could record it for us to all enjoy!

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So how does this work? Do you buy tickets? Drive to a local museum for the quilt show? No. All you have to do to enjoy this quilt show is click on any of the quilt images below. On each of the pages, you will see an amazing quilt, read the story behind the quilt, and then continue through the tour!

Make sure you leave a comment telling us which one is your favorite! Or maybe you have a favorite quilt that you would like me to share! This online quilt show is on permanent display here on Hobbies on a Budget. Just email Sharon and I will get your quilt added so others can enjoy it!

Want to visit an actual museum and take a tour of quilts? Did you know that you can go to Paducah, Kentucky, and tour the National Quilt Museum?

National Quilt Museum Paducah Kentucky
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