Personalized Collectible Token Picture Frame

We are always looking for creative ways to showcase our love of adventure. My husband and son have been picking up collectible tokens on many of our road trips. Since these are inexpensive souvenirs and a fun collection to help remember our visits to these National Parks, Monuments and Scenic Attractions, I wanted a way to display them. If you love to collect these tokens too, I’ve got a super easy project to help you create a personalized collectible token dropbox.

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Personalized Collectible Token Picture Frame

I’ve got a pretty short attention span when it comes to crafts and DIY projects. The only two things that can keep my attention for long are quilts and afghans. So this project is super easy and doesn’t take very long at all!

Just gather your materials and spend 15 minutes creating a family memory treasure!

Skill level: Super Basic!
Cost: Nothing (unless you really want to get fancy)

Materials Needed:

Where can you find these inexpensive collectible metal tokens? Glad you asked. They are typically on the counter or near the check out at most national and state parks as well as many monuments or attractions and cost under $5.00!


Print off a map background to use in your frame. I found a United States map that I liked and printed it on my home printer. You could also use a map from your recent road trip or a picture of one of your favorite parks or monuments.

Cut the picture to the desired size to fit your frame.

Drop your tokens into the frame between the glass and the image. You may need to use a small piece of tape to keep them in place.

Display on your shelf or wall to enjoy. (or take it outside to the front porch so you can get the best light -like I did!)

Just be ready for Kat (with a K) to come and photobomb the pictures!

Other Ideas and Variations:

This idea is so versatile. Do you have favorite seashells? Use a thicker shadow box frame and display your seashells and favorite beach picture.

What else could you use for this idea? Presidential Quarters, concert tickets, amusement park wristbands, matchbooks, vintage coke bottle tops, wooden coins that you write your travel destinations… Dream it and you could adapt this simple idea to create an amazing family heirloom!

Make sure you let me know what you create. I want to see and get inspired!

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