Sentimental But Grateful

It’s back to school for many kids. Moms are sending their babies off to kindergarten, some to middle school and others to college. Every time I hop on Facebook I see status posts about another mom who is sad to see her little babies growing up. I have one friend who said it best on the day before she dropped her daughters off at college for their next step in life. She said she is feeling sentimental but grateful!

Sentimental but Grateful

I have never been a mom who is sad to see the kids grow up. I loved the nursing stage, but once I realized that I had spent close to 8 years of my life either nursing or being pregnant, I was ready to move to a new phase. I was never very good at potty training, but had a ton of fun sharing the joy of success. I loved the many hours we spent cuddling watching Baby Einstein or Little People. But if that was what they still loved today, I would admittedly be quite bored.

My son asked me one day what has been my favorite age for the three children. I told him “Today! This is my favorite age so far!” I love watching my babies grow into toddlers and then elementary students. I love watching them hop out of the van in the morning with a smile and their backpack as they cheerfully wave goodbye to me and say hello to a new day. I love the fact that they can put on their own clothes and brush their own teeth. I am thrilled to see them developing their own personality quirks.

I will admit to shedding quite a few tears as they started off to kindergarten. I have fallen asleep at night wondering if I am doing my job as a mom to the best of my ability. I don’t always make the right choices or say the right things. But today as I look at my three children, I am sentimental but very grateful.

back to school
Back to School Memories

I know that if they don’t grow, then I can never look forward to the kind of relationship I share with my parents. I want them to grow, develop and mature. I pray that they will dream big and then work hard to achieve those dreams.

Am I ready for them to grow up and head to high school or college? Not a chance! Not today! But by the time they get to the next stage, I am praying that I will be ready then too! I’m loving every moment while they are young. OK, I’ll be more honest and say I’m loving most of the moments while they are young. Nobody has rainbows or sunshine every day.

My Version of Slowing Time – Pictures

One thing I will continue to do.
I will take pictures at random times, many times, and then share them with the world. I want to capture the moments that make me smile, the times that bring lumps of emotion to my throat and the expressions that are unforgettable. I want to always remember how special this time of life is.

Share your Back to School Pictures

I would love to see your back to school pictures! Post them on Facebook, tag me on Instagram or send them on twitter! Let’s capture the memories of back to school and share them with the world!

Are you a mom who wants to freeze time and never move to the next stage? Or are you in the same boat as my friend and I? We are sentimental and occasionally a bit emotional but 100% grateful for every moment we share with our children. I’d love to hear from you!

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