My First Baby Doll

When I was one year old, I received a special Christmas gift from my Grandma – a Fisher Price baby doll. There’s just something special about a little girls’ first baby doll. I have no idea where I got her name, but she became Susie. I still have her stored back carefully in my hope chest. She doesn’t look quite as pretty as she did in 1974. Somewhere along the way, Susie lost her apron and her hair is a bit wilder.

My First Baby Doll

Recently my Mom was going through some family slides and found this picture of me opening Susie in front of the Christmas tree in 1974.

I did some research and found that Susie is actually named Mary and is part of the Little Girl Doll Line.

This Little Girl Doll was originally dressed in red gingham check, with a white apron and red hair bows. Her feet/shoes are red, too.

She is doll #200 in the Little Girl Doll line, and presumably because of that first number, she was the original concept doll in this popular series which has become so collectible.

information found from My Doll Kind

Do you have a baby doll that has been loved for many years? I’d love to hear your story!

Susie may not be nearly as pretty as she was almost 40 years ago, but she is still special.

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