Discovering the World Around Us

Something amazing happens when you see the world through the eyes of a child. Whether it’s the honesty in a child’s face when they express what they don’t like about dinner, or the sparkle in their eyes when they tell you about the smelly marker the teacher used to grade their paper. Discovering the world around us is just better when we look through the eyes of a child.

Discovering the World Around Us

discovering the world around us 1

A few weeks ago we were out in the mountains enjoying some time with family. We heard a rustle in the bushes and started looking for the source. That’s when we discovered this little box turtle. My kids have never held a box turtle before. They had a great time watching the turtle hide in its shell. After a few minutes, we let it go and watched it wonder off in the woods.

Discovering a Box Turtle in the Woods

We get so busy with the things we have to do each day, that’s it easy to forget to take the time to look around us and discover. It may be a new flower that just bloomed, a few pages of a new book we want to read, or a few minutes without any electronics so we can actually listen to our family members tell about their day.

There are special things happening all around us every day but we get too busy to appreciate them.

Discover the World Around Us

I heard of one lady who loved to go for walks but would often get bored just walking by herself. She decided to grab her camera and take it with her on her daily walks. What did she find? She walked longer and found herself more refreshed because she was taking time to discover the world around her while she was on the road to getting healthy. Her bonus result? She took some amazing pictures that spun into a new hobby and potential source of income.

How do you enjoy the world around you? Got any great ideas for enjoying every minute? I’d love to hear!

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