Favorite Christmas Gift

Merry Christmas! Christmas 2012 is finally here! The kids are unwrapping packages and squealing with delight, coffee is brewing, carols are playing and families are enjoying time together. I have no plans to spend much time here blogging this morning, but I do want to take a few minutes and wish each of you a very merry Christmas! I also want to ask you one question? What’s your favorite Christmas gift you ever received?

Favorite Christmas Gift

I have several Christmas gifts that stand out in my memories as the favorite Christmas gift. When I was 13, I was a chearleader in our small school. Many of the other cheerleaders had been ordering a school letter jacket but it was way too expensive for us. My parents had explained that there was no way I would get this gift. But on Christmas morning, there it was! Another one of the squad members had ordered it and then changed her mind, so my parents were able to order it at a discount and have it as a surprise! I still have it stored up in a box in the attic. It was a special gift!

Another year, I had been learning to crochet and really wanted to do something extraordinary for my little brother who was off to college. He is over 6 feet tall so I knew that if I made him an afghan it would have to be huge. I found the softest yarn I could buy and started working. It took me months to crochet the afghan for him, but it was worth every minute. I loved surprising him with the special custom sized afghan!

One year, my son really wanted the Battle of Endor Lego Set. It was priced at over $100. There was no way we could pay that much for a toy. But my husband and I were able to save Amazon points, use Swagbucks, found a rebate and some extra gift cards. We ended up getting it for less than $20! My son was so excited when he opened the gift on Christmas morning.

What is the favorite Christmas gift you have ever given or received? I’d love to hear!

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