Stick Horses for Derby Day

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The Kentucky Derby is a big event in our area and most of the Kindergarten classes in the nearby counties have an annual stick horse race.  These stick horses for Derby Day become treasured keepsakes for the kids, but this year everything is different. Even though you can’t celebrate the Run for the Roses due to social distancing and quarantine regulations, you can still have your own stick horse race at home! Celebrate the Kentucky Derby in your own backyard!

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Easy Stick Horses for Derby Day

Thanks to the teachers who made my kid’s horses back when they were in Kindergarten!  We’ve still got them!  

Basic Materials Needed

Stick Horses ready for Kentucky Derby Races


  • Insert the pole into the sock and fill the sock completely with batting
  • Tie off the sock so the stuffing won’t fall out
  • Make hair for the horse using yarn
  • Glue on eyes, nose ears
  • Attach a ribbon to use for the reins
  • Wrap a bandana around the neck if you want
  • Give it to the kids and let them race!

Stick Horse Ideas

Are you planning a special Derby Day celebration? I’d love to hear your favorite memories.

No time to make a stick horse?  You can order them from Amazon, of course! You can even order an inflatable stick horse for indoor parties!

How will you celebrate the Kentucky Derby this year? I’d love to see your stick horse races!

Looking for other ideas to make memories together during these challenging times? Try a home scavenger hunt!

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