Earn a Little Spending Money

Do you sometimes wish you had an easy way to earn a little extra spending money? We’re not talking about get rich quick schemes, we’re talking about a couple extra dollars to spend on a new toy for the kids or a new book for your vacation. There are several easy ways you can pick up a little extra cash with just a little creativity.

Earn a Little Spending Money

Look at your bookshelves.

Many people have stacks of books on their shelves that they no longer want to read. Maybe you finished a college course and still have the textbook, you’ve finished reading all the Twilight books or your kids have finished the board and picture book stage. These extra books can bring you some easy cash.

Last week I took a quick trip to Lexington Half Price Book Store with a stack of books I was done with. In about 20 minutes they were ready with an offer. They gave me a ticket worth $20.00! That ticket is good for any merchandise in the store or you cash it out and walk away with your money. Since I was already in Lexington for errands, I was able to turn 20 minutes of time into a $20 bill! (Located on Nicholasville Road before you get to the mall)

Half Price Books are located all across the country! Click here to find a store near you.

If you don’t want to drive to a store, then take a look at MyBookBuyer.com online. You simply enter the ISBN number for each of your books and they will give you an offer. The amount will vary based on the age, condition and demand for each book. Once you have your books entered, you will print a free postage paid label and ship them. When they receive your shipment, you can choose to be paid by paypal or a check. This is not as instant as selling the books in the store, but it is super convenient.

Sort through the kids clothes.

If your kids are growing through their clothes faster than they wear them out, then head over to Thredup online. You can request a bag, stuff it with your kid’s clothes and mail it back for free. Thredup will make you an offer and then send it to your paypal account. This is extra money without leaving your house plus you get to clean out unused clothes. I recently made a purchase and sold some clothes at Thred Up.

Earn Rebates when Shopping Online

Mr. Rebates

  • Login or register (If you are registering for the first time, you will get a $5.00 bonus just for signing up!)
  • Now type in the store name where you want to shop in the search bar at the top.
  • A small screen will pop up telling you that you are being directed to your store’s site.
  • Then you will be at your store site.
  • Shop like normal!
  • Pay like normal!
  • Receive your product – like normal!

In a few days, you will get an email saying “Thanks, your rebate is being processed at Mr Rebates.”

It takes 90 days after you make your purchase to have that money available and you must accumulate at least $10.00 in rebate money at MrRebates or Ebates. But then you can request a check mailed to you or have the money deposited into your Paypal account.

I understand that this is not INSTANT savings – but I figure if I am already going to be spending the money, I may as well have the company send me some of it back.

None of these ideas will make you rich or pay your car payment, but they will get you a little extra fun money to spend on your hobbies! Got any other great ideas? I’d love to hear!

This article printed and published in Advocate Messenger Sunday edition, May 5, 2013.

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