10 Things I Cannot Do

I’ve recently been hearing from some of you guys asking what can I not do? Sure, it looks like I’ve got quite a few magical powers. I can turn a cereal box into a grand piano or a mailing box into an Angry Birds Valentine. I can whip out a ruffle scarf without blinking an eye. If you need to make a wig for a costume, no problem. But, here comes the honesty time. I have made a list of 10 things I cannot do! This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s just written proof that no one can be a master of everything!

10 Things I Cannot Do!

10 things i cannot do

1. I can not use a saw!

My last attempt 10 years ago resulted in a 4 inch gash in my dryer.  I am on a self imposed ‘saw-ban’ and I don’t see that ban ever being lifted. You can read about my experience with a saw here.    That ban used to include kitchen knives as well.  But, I’ve gone almost 2 years with no cuts in the kitchen, so I think I’m ok with kitchen knives now.

2. Christmas Baking is a serious challenge!

I experiment in the kitchen and occasionally have success. But as a general rule, if you want specialty baking (like Christmas cookies or gingerbread houses), better head to my sister’s house.  If you visit us for Christmas, you’ll probably get traditional chocolate chip cookies or banana nut bread.  That’s about it.

3. I don’t run.

Have you seen the image that says “if you see me running, look to see who is chasing me!”  Exactly!  I love to go walking but you will rarely see me running.

4. I cannot sew anything that has to fit.

Straight seams for a quilt – no problem.  Curved seams that actually have to fit together to form clothes? Not a chance!  I can squeak by occasionally like on this Ash Ketchum Halloween Costume but that was a serious stretch for me.

5. I cannot drive a stick shift.

When I was in high school, my best friend tried in vain to teach me to drive their VW bug and my husband gave me 2 lessons years ago, but they didn’t take and I’m still clueless.

6. I cannot do intricate hairstyles for my daughter.

I am trying, but so far, not much luck.  She wanted  heart braids for Valentines Day.  I tried all week and could never get it to turn out right.  This is something I really need to learn.

7. I don’t know how to ski or surf.

I don’t know if I could do these two activities or not since I have never tried.

8. I have horrible handwriting.

I was a straight A student who had to stay after class to work on my penmanship in 4th grade and it’s never improved.   Maybe that’s why I love computers!

9. I know nothing about glass work or making jewelry.

I am fascinated when I see someone who can create beauty from little pieces of glass or beads, but I only know what my friends have shared with me about creating glass work.

10. I cannot ride a horse.

I love being around horses but I have only ridden a horse a few times in my life and am not comfortable yet riding on my own.

What are things you cannot do?  I’d love to hear your list too!  That way I won’t feel so bad about mine!

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