Summer Sweetness – Corn for the Winter

I have always loved corn on the cob or sweet, cream style corn. Nothing tastes better than fresh corn on the cob right out of the garden, served on a hot summer day. With just a few hours of work, you can preserve that summer sweetness and enjoy fresh corn all winter long! My friend Anne engaged some help from her family and put back some sweet corn. I love these pictures. Don’t they just make you want to go pick some corn and make some sweet corn for the winter!

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Summer Sweetness – Corn for the Winter

I know I must have helped freeze corn when I was growing up, but my first real memory of putting back corn was back in 2000 when some friends invited us over to their garden. They had huge coolers of corn on the cob sitting in tubs of ice. The guys were shucking as fast as they could, while the rest of us were in the kitchen – boiling, scraping and freezing sweet cream style corn. I was hooked! Thanks Connie and family for the memory and the lesson!

Anne and her crew of family members spent several hours shucking, washing, scraping, boiling and freezing the fresh corn. It may be viewed as work right now, but once the weather changes and the gardens go dormant all this work will be well worth it.

summer sweetness
Preparing the corn for winter dinners!
summer sweetness
summer sweetness
Corn ready for Winter

If you are looking for step by step directions for how to freeze sweet corn, here are some great links to look at:

How to Freeze Sweet Corn
How to Pick, Cut and Freeze Fresh Summer Corn

Do you enjoy freezing corn for the winter? Got any special tips or ingredients to make it extra tasty? I’d love to hear!

Thanks to Anne C for sharing these great pictures and inspring us all to enjoy our summer gardens year round! All pictures belong to Anne and are used by permission.

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