Landscaping from Scratch

My Mom and Dad recently moved into a new house which means they are landscaping from scratch. There are good lines on the porch and in the yard, but it definitely needs some flowers and accents to turn this yard into a homey garden. My daughter and I headed up there this past weekend with several boxes of flower starts from our garden and got to work.


Landscaping from Scratch

This is a great time of year to split many flowers. We dug up lilies, irises, bee balm, ivys and a couple of small bushes and got started. They already have plans to add some lattice later on, so we started a lily bed in front of where the lattice will eventually go.

landscaping from scratch

It doesn’t take alot of money to start flower gardens. If you have a friend with existing beds, then just dig up some starts. Lilies, irises, bee balm, lambs ear and hostas are all perfect to transplant this time of year. Just dig up the baby flowers and plant them in their new home.

We used the dirt that was already in their yard but added some potting soil around each of the new transplanted flowers to give them a little extra boost.

Stacked Pots

Mom and Dad had picked up some plastic flower pots last weekend and created two stacked pot towers. If you do a pinterest search for stacked flower pots, you will find hundreds of images where people have taken flower pots and created a garden accent piece. All you do is take a rod and insert it into the bottom pot. Fill part way with dirt and then add your 2nd pot. You can choose to keep them level or make them topsy turvy. You just keep stacking till you have the look you want.

We planted pansies in the stacked pots to give instant color to the side of the steps.

stacked pot tower

Now all we have to do is wait for the rain and sunshine to do their job. I can’t wait to see what the yard looks like in a few weeks.

What is your favorite way to transform a bare yard into a beautiful garden? I’d love to hear your best tips!

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