5 Things You Need for Outdoor Concerts

Last weekend, our family went to Picnic with the Pops – an outdoor concert by the Lexington Philharmonic. It was a full evening of food, Bugs Bunny cartoons, family time and some great music. It’s another 12 months till the next Picnic with the Pops here in Lexington, but I’m already looking forward to next year – another opportunity for us to enjoy an outdoor musical event. Here are 5 Things You Need for Outdoor Concerts (plus 2 bonus) so we’ll all be ready for the next one.

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5 Things You Need for Outdoor Concerts

Blanket seating at an outdoor concert is a great time to make memories with your family. Last weekend, the weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, a beautiful sunset and some great food.

5 things outdoor concert

1. Food:

We stopped by Sams Club and grabbed some food for the night. We decided to take some cheese, meat, vegetables and of course some chocolate chip cookies from the deli. We packed a cooler with juice packs and water. My husband even filled his thermos with coffee for after the temperature dropped. Some outdoor concert attendees can get pretty elaborate with their food options. At Picnic with the Pops, we saw everything from buckets of KFC, to snack trays like ours, to full table spreads or even catered meals. You pick your style! But whatever you choose, make sure you have something fun to snack on during the event.

outdoor concert food

2. Flashlight:

If you need to make a trip back to your vehicle and the parking lot lights are off during the show, a flashlight will help light your way. If you let your child carry the flashlight, make sure they know how to use it. A flashlight should never shine in people’s face. It should always point toward the ground.

3. Glowsticks:

Most outdoor events will be selling glow sticks and fun novelty glow in the dark products. But why not save a few dollars and buy some glow stick wands at the Dollar Store or Walmart before you go. You’ll save some money and your kids will think you’re a hero!

4. Blanket and chairs:

You definitely need a place to sit during the outdoor concert. Bring along your bag chairs and a blanket. Don’t forget an extra blanket for the kids to use when they start getting cold and tired. We even grabbed the pillow pet! Never hurts to keep the kids super comfortable!

outdoor concerts
Don’t forget the blanket and the chairs!

5. Hand Sanitizer:

Most outdoor concerts will provide you with nothing but the best for your restroom needs. Sometimes they will even offer hand sanitizer. But I don’t like to take a chance. I toss in my own bottle of hand cleaner so we are prepared.

Outdoor Concert Restrooms
Outdoor Concert Restrooms

Bonus #1: Binoculars:

Blanket Seating means you may be far from the event! Toss a pair of binoculars in your bag and you will be able to see what’s happening on the stage.

Binoculars bring the action up close!
Binoculars bring the action up close!

Bonus #2: Games:

You may be sitting for a little while before the concert starts. Take advantage of the time with your family and friends to play a card game!

outdoor concerts
A game of Phase 10 before the concert begins

Have you been to any outdoor concerts recently? I know we can’t wait till our next big event! Got any tips I missed? I’d love to hear! See you outside!

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