Learning Piano on a Budget

Music is a great avenue for self expression and creative growth. One way to connect with music is by learning to play a musical instrument. It is by learning how to play one that you really get to understand the nuances of each note and key. You get to understand the intricacy of how music is developed. Among all the instruments, the piano is one of the most versatile and also one of the hardest to master. You’ll need constant dedication and deep level of commitment in order to become a good piano player. In order to learn how to play the piano, you will also need a good teacher. However, piano lessons do not come cheap. Most instructors charge about $20-50 per hour. Music schools charge for an entire semester. That’s a lot of money.

What if you only what to learn how to play the piano as a hobby? Is there a way to do so without having to spend a fortune? Here are 3 tips on how to learn to play the piano on a budget.

Go online.

The internet provides a myriad of solutions for almost every kind of problem. If you want to learn how to play the piano, you can get instructions from the internet. There are many YouTube videos that teach you the basics of piano playing. If you want to get more detailed instructions you can opt to apply for online piano lessons. These are considerably cheaper compared to actual lessons. You just need to be disciplined enough to really follow and do the exercises.

Get a keyboard.

Buying a piano is expensive. If you don’t have the budget for that yet, you can get a keyboard instead. Yamaha has a piano touch keyboard that is as big as a real piano. And since it is piano touch, it really feels like you are playing on a real piano.

Get a piano book.

Getting a piano book is one of the fastest ways to grow your skills as a pianist. Provided, of course, that you use it daily. A piano book that I’d recommend is the John Thompson series. They start at Level 1 and 2, and then proceed to Grade 1 up to Grade 6. Piano books are inexpensive and they contain lessons that can help you improve on your skills as a pianist.

Learning a new hobby need not cost you a fortune. It’s only a matter of being creative and resourceful enough to find ways to bring the cost down.

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