14 Sep

New Music for your Playlist

Are you in a music rut?  Most of us have our favorite groups or artists that we love to listen to and we keep them on repeat throughout the...

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12 Sep

Where to Find FREE Books

Do you love to read like I do? If you have visited a book store lately, then you know that new books are not cheap. But there are many...

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01 Sep

How to Become a Book Reviewer

Do you love to read? Are you interested in getting free books to read (and keep or giveaway)? I am a bookworm – always have been. Over the past...

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24 Aug

Real Books for 4th Grade Boys

My kids are all great readers who love to explore a new book! They each have a list of the next books they plan to read and regularly rank...

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21 Jul

10 Favorite Childrens Books

When my kids were little, we read books all the time. Some of my best memories are of time spent cuddled up on the couch or before bed reading...

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11 Jun

Summer Fantasy Teen Book: Gregor the Overlander

School is finally out and that could mean two things for us; one, we could sit on the couch staring at a TV, or two, we could curl up...

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