How to Freeze Bell Peppers

Have you ever grown bell peppers in your garden? We love to drop them in breakfast bowls, use them in fajitas or cook them down with sausage and onions. This is one of those vegetables that we hate to buy in the store because they’re so easy to grow and freeze. If your green peppers are coming in faster than you can eat them, then take a few minutes and freeze them for winter.

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How to Freeze Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are one of the easiest things to preserve for winter meals. Simply pick, wash, slice and freeze. I picked a few in the garden after a rain and brought them in to get them stored back for winter.

Wash off the Dirt

  • Wash the bell peppers
  • Let them dry on a kitchen towel
  • Slice each pepper and spread the pieces on a baking sheet
  • Freeze for several hours

Label for Winter Meals

Use zipper freezer bags or a food saver. Label each bag and save for winter meals.

Do you enjoy freezing back produce from your garden? I’d love to hear your best tips or memories!

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