Making Cards with Recycled Paper

Do you enjoy crafting home made cards or designing gift bags? I know it is always special when I receive a gift that I know someone took the time to personalize. Creating handmade cards can also be a unique way to use recycled products and do something good for the environment. Recently, I received a package of recycled note cards, Kraft twine and a gift bag. Making Cards with Recycled Paper is a fun way to create something special.

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Making Cards with Recycled Paper

Kraft Jam Paper Cards

I decided to take one of the blank Kraft note cards and envelopes and create a fun, playful card for my daughter.  I punched holes in both sides of the card so I could pull the ribbon through and tie a loose knot.  Then I added a few stickers to the front of the card.  Creating a personalized card like this only took about 10 minutes from start to finish, but looks really fun.

jam paper
Creating a card with ribbon and stickers

I decided to make a 2nd card for my Grandma. One of the things we share is our love for our gardens. Every time I visit her house, we take a walk around her yard and look at what is blooming. I love the way the natural recycled cardboard looks with this gardening theme.

Garden card

I had one other idea for these cards. The brown coloring of the recycled paper lends itself perfectly to Halloween or fall theme decorations.

By adding some orange stickers, this envelope is perfect for sending Halloween stickers or notes to family members!

halloween card

Recycled Bags

I love using gift bags for different events. The best gift bags are the solid colors that can be used for different occasions. I took this heavy duty recycled Kraft bag and added a few stickers to give it some color. Then I cut off a 24 inch length of Kraft twine and tied it into a loose bow. For a pop of pretty color, I used bright pink tissue. I love the fact that I can easily switch out the stickers or add different paper to use a bag like this for multiple occasions.

bag and twine
bag and twine

If you had these cards, bag and twine on your counter, how would you create a treasured gift? I’d love to hear your ideas!

About Kraft Paper and Products

Kraft paper is made from old paper products and wood chips. All the Kraft paper products are made from 100% recycled materials. It’s thick enough that you can actually work with it and not worry about tearing or bending.

You can order these products from JAM paper by clicking here.

How would you decorate with recycled paper products?  Got any great ideas?  I’d love to hear!

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