Infusible Ink Easter Bookmarks

Are you looking for a quick project to celebrate the Easter season? My preacher dad loves to give each family a special gift on Easter Sunday and was looking for a new idea last year. We decided that infusible ink bookmarks would be the perfect low-cost gift to celebrate the Easter holiday. My Aunt and I spent a little time brainstorming designs and creating the template and then she was ready to make the bookmarks. Here is a quick look at how the Easter bookmarks turned out so you can be inspired to start crafting.

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Infusible Ink Easter Bookmarks



  • Choose the infusible ink colors you want to use.
  • Create your design in Cricut and print on infusible ink. **Remember to mirror your design before cutting.
  • Weed the excess and use heat-safe tape to attach to your metal sublimation bookmark.
  • Heat your Easy Press and then use it for 60 seconds on each bookmark.
  • Let the bookmark cool completely and then attach the tassel of your choice.

Tip: Use one print design with different infusible ink patterns to create a wide variety of looks.

Have you made bookmarks with infusible ink yet? These are so much fun to create and share with others.

Looking for other ideas for infusible ink bookmarks?

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  1. Sharon, I have had so much fun with these bookmarks! I did a bunch of them for members of my church and passed them around today. I had a die with the three crosses on a hill so I cut that out of brown paper and put one on each card. Inside the card I printed the verse “We love because He first loved us.” Then I included a bookmark and put it all in an envelope. I asked Gloria to deliver each of them to my church friends because I am still hobbling around on a cane.

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