Fruit of the Spirit Cricut Mug Press Idea

Even though we are in one of the busiest seasons of the year, now is the time we all crave peace, joy, and meaningful time with family and friends. I thought today it would be good to share a coffee mug that reminds us of the things that we want to have evident in our life every day. Maybe by using a mug with these words, we can recenter ourselves each morning and prepare for a day filled with the fruit of the spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, self-control, gentleness, and faithfulness.

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Fruit of the Spirit Cricut Mug Press Idea



Create and print your design using your Cricut machine. (Click here to use my design).

Weed the excess and use heat-safe tape to attach the design to your mug.

  • Place in the Cricut Mug Press and wait for the design to bake.
  • Remove carefully and let the mug cool on a heat safe surface.

Remove the infusible ink and enjoy your finished product.

Looking for other Cricut Mug Press designs to share as gifts or enjoy for yourself? Check out this growing idea library!

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