So You got a Cricut? Now What?


Do you have a Cricut and know that there are thousands of things you can make with it, but you just don’t know where to start? I’ve had my Cricut for quite a while and just now feel like I’m figuring out how to use it to create some fun gifts! If you are looking for a little direction and need some basic tips to get you started, I’ve got you covered!

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So You got a Cricut? Now What?

If you own a Cricut you are already aware of what all it can do. But where do you start? How do you find easy ways to create gifts and fun stuff when you are slightly overwhelmed?

Start with what you have

Do you have vinyl, iron on adhesive vinyl, faux leather, suede, cardstock? Before you buy something new, look at what you have and then do an internet search for that material and get some ideas.

Check out It Happens in a Blink for tutorials, answers and ideas for all your Cricut questions!

Use Premade Designs

When you use your Cricut, there are premade designs that are provided with your machine and account. I wanted to make a gift for a cat loving family member, so I simply typed in the word “cat” in the image search and came up with a cute “life is better with a cat” design. I printed it out on vinyl and then used transfer tape to create a super cute, custom water glass.

Keep it Simple

Once you find something that you like, keep experiementing with that same idea until are confident and comfortable. Then you can branch out. I have made multiple variations using the same basic steps. I finally feel very confident with this idea and am ready to branch out.

Use the Right Tools

There are several tools that really make the process easiser to create Cricut crafts.

Tools Needed:

Try New Things

The Cricut can do so much more than create cards. Although, creating cards is a great thing to do. Earlier this week, I created some Christmas Cards to send to friends and family. I simply chose a premade design and followed the directions.

If you have an idea and are curious about whether the Cricut will do something, just try it! I wanted to create some projects where I needed to use iron-on vinyl for bricks and metal. I discovered that it works! It was tricky and took some time but I was able to get the vinyl to stick using the Mini Easy Press!

Keep all the Scraps

One thing I learned from my Aunt who is an avid Cricut creator is to keep all the scraps! You never know when you will need a particular size or color paper or vinyl and there is no sense in cutting up a full sheet when a scrap will work just as well! Save money and supplies!

I was able to find the exact pieces I needed for the Christmas cards just by looking through the ‘scrap’ box!

Are you creating Cricut inspired gifts this year? I’d love to hear and see what you are making! Whatever you are working on, keep experimenting and try something new today!

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