“My Happy Place” Infusible Ink Mugs


Where do you go for your “Happy Place”? For me, it’s outside in nature! This weekend, I decided to use my Cricut Mug Press and create two mugs with one piece of infusible ink . Now I have a matching set of bandana mugs to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea when I sit down by the creek or fire pit all year long.

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“My Happy Place” Infusible Ink Mugs

Materials Needed


Weed the extra infusible ink sheet carefully because you are going to use all the extra letters on a 2nd mug.

Tape your first sheet carefully on your Cricut mug and insert in the Mug Press.

While the first one is baking in the Mug Press, carefully lay the extra pieces on a piece of heat transfer tape. Remember that you are working backwards with the letters.

Now you have two mugs using only one piece of infusible ink sheet. Not only does this give you a set of mugs for a perfect gift but you also save money and resources.

Tip: Keep all the extra pieces of infusbile ink in a basket or drawer so you can create additional mugs, shirts or coasters later.

Have you started creating mugs using the Mug Press yet? Got any favorite designs or tips? I’d love to hear from you!

Beginners Guide to Mug Press

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