How to Label & Save Zinnia and Marigold Seeds


I love saving seeds from one year to the next. It’s so rewarding to plant seeds that you harvested from your own flower beds. In the past I have stored the seeds in different ways but this year since I have a Cricut machine, I decided to get a little more creative. Here are some easy steps to label and save Zinnia and Marigold Seeds for next year!

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How to Label & Save Zinnia and Marigold Seeds

One of my best memories of gardening when I was a child were the years my parents created a secret zinnia garden hidden in the middle of our our massive vegetable garden. My parents didn’t really know much about gardening but we lived in rural Kentucky and the men of the church were determined to help their Pastor (my dad) grow a massive garden. They brought their big tractor and turned over the dirt and helped us learn all we needed to know.

My Mom decided it would be fun to plant a secret wildflower garden right in the middle. Imagine the church member’s surprise when they came over to help pick us harvest the vegetables and they discovered this hidden jewel. We ended up with thousands of zinnia and marigold seeds to save each year for the next planting.

Zinnias and Marigolds are some of the easiest seeds to harvest from one season to the next. Simply wait till the flower heads have completely dried and pick the seed heads. You will know the seeds are ready when the flower heads are completely brown, dry and flaky. These hot pink Zinnias are getting close to harvest time!

Store them in paper bags or unused canning jars. I am using the widemouth canning jars because I have a few extras.

  • Create 3 inch circles on your Cricut Design Space and select CUT.
  • Add text and graphic on the circle. Select DRAW.
  • Select all and click ATTACH.
  • Attach your Cricut marker and add your paper.
  • Watch Cricut do it’s magic!

Don’t have a Cricut? Just cout out the circles by hand and use your own marker to create a personalized label!

Place the new labels under the rings and you are set for storage! And of course, I can’t do something for just one set of seeds. I’m working on adding labels to lots of my canned and dehydrated jars as well! It’s a work in progress!

It’s so rewarding to see my jars start filling up with zinnia and marigold seeds so I’ll be ready for next years planting season!

Have you ever gathered zinnia or marigold seeds? Do you have success growing flowers from seeds? I’d love to hear your fun stories!

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