Organizing for the Holidays

It’s November! That means Thanksgiving is coming in just a few weeks and Christmas will be here faster than that. I also have the added pressure of having our house ready to show to a realtor or prospective buyer at any moment. After a long summer of kids accumulating toys and outgrowing clothes, and the seasonal items I keep having my husband pull down from the attic, I know that it’s time to get organized.

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For some people holiday prep is an easy task, but my personal start to organizing for the holidays is getting all this ‘stuff’ under control. One of my tools this season is the Brother P-touch Label Maker! Follow my journey over the next few months and watch me get organized!

Organizing for the Holidays

organizing for the holidays #MC

Assembling the Brother Ptouch25

Assembling the Brother P-touch 25 Label Maker is super simple. You simply pop the cartridge in the back of the machine, insert the batteries and get started. There are many size, styles and fun extras that you can use to make your labels pop; but for me and my kids, we just dived in and used the basic style.

brother cartridge 1

Where do you start? At the beginning, of course!

When you first start getting on a journey to get organized, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Just pick one place in your house and dive in. I started my work in my boy’s room. One of the things we know for certain, is that my kids will get toys for Christmas. I am already a partially organized Mom and have some totes in the closet storing toys and off season items. I knew what was in each box, but no one else could easily recognize the items stored in each bin. I needed to label these totes so everyone can easily see what’s in the boxes.

I pulled out the Brother Label Maker and taught my boys how to make their own labels. I know from experience that the kids must take ownership of their rooms, closets and under the bed areas. If I do the organizing for them, they won’t care about keeping it organized.

luke on brother label maker #MC #Shop

My kids love to play with LEGO bricks. That means we have the small building blocks everywhere. We have bought some buckets that are perfect for storing their toys. But even a shoe box will work perfect for those LEGO sets that you don’t want to mix in with the rest of the pieces.

brother lego box
brother lego box

My son made a label for his special box. This is the catch all that I allow each of my kids to have. When it gets full, they have to go through and clean out some of the stuff. Now that is clearly labeled, my son can easily find it under his bed.

brother luke special box


Be watching to see where I go next in my journey to get organized in my house!

How do you plan to get organized before the holiday season? I’d love to hear your tips. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to getting organized. I’d love for you to join me on Pinterest as we get our homes under control!


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