What’s your 9-11 Story?


We all have a story. We all remember exactly where we were on September 11, 2001. Just the mention of 911 takes us back immediately to the emotions we felt on that day.

What’s Your 9/11 Story?

I was in the very early stages of a rough pregnancy on September 11, 2001. We had decided to not tell my coworkers I was pregnant yet but I was having a hard time keeping the nausea and sickness a secret.

The morning of 9/11, I was working in my church office when I heard a breaking news story come across the K-Love Radio station. Then music resumed and everything was fine. Then the 2nd plane hit. That’s when we all just knew something was really wrong.

We all crowded in the copy room where there was a TV and VCR set up. No work got done for most of the day as we watched the world change.

I remember that I kept running to the closest trash can to throw up due to the pregnancy, but my coworkers thought it was because of the sheer horrific events unfolding on TV. I finally managed to let them know that I was pregnant.

I remember the emotional extremes as we celebrated the announcement of new life while we were deeply moved by the events of the day.

What I tell our Kids about 9/11

Today as I sat at the kitchen counter talking to two of my elementary kids about 9/11, I found myself telling them not just about the horrific events of 9/11, but we talked more about the heroes and the amazing unity that we experienced as a nation.

Yes, we remember the people who lost their lives. But I also told them about the brave first responders who risked their lives to go in and save strangers. I told them about the way it felt when the members of Congress stood on the steps and sang “God Bless America”.

We talked about how it felt to drive down the street and see American Flags flying on every front porch, at every place of business. The sense of pride in just being American.

We also talked about the fierce spirit that we all felt as Americans. We knew we would not rest till justice was served. You just don’t mess with our fellow Americans.

I reminded them that no matter what happens in our world, that there are always stories of hope, courage and bravery!

In 1999, my husband and I traveled to New York City and took this picture.

Today we remember the events that changed our world, but we always look forward to the future and pray for our great country!

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