Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Do you have routines in your house that the kids know by heart yet you hear yourself repeating them every day as if they would forget if you didn’t remind them? Brush your teeth! Pick up your dirty socks! Dry the bathroom floor. And my personal favorite during the school year – Wash off the school germs! The first thing we do after picking up the kids from school in the afternoon is go wash our hands! Schools are great places for picking up amazing pieces of knowledge but are also a great place to spread germs.

Here’s some helpful tips to stay healthy during Flu Season!

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Stay Healthy During Flu Season

We’re not even to Thanksgiving yet, and we’ve already been dealing with cold and flu symptoms in our family. Between the tissues, cough drops, cold medicine, chicken noodle soup and orange sherbert, we’re doing everything we can to get rid of the germs and treat the symptoms of cold and flu.

We all know that the number one way to prevent the spread of germs and stay healthy is to wash our hands, but do we really do that as often or thoroughly as we should?

One thing that parents are always debating is the safety and effectiveness of the flu vaccine. We have chosen to get the vaccines most years but have missed a few times due to sickness or scheduling problems. We’re actually planning to go get the flu vaccine this week after school. But whether you choose to give your kids the flu shot or mist, there are many other effective means of keeping kids (and yourself) healthy this year!

What are your tools in the fight against the cold and flu season? Do you have any tips to help us stay healthy during flu season? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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