Clear the Clutter in 2013

Like many of you, I am in a nesting mood. I’m cleaning the clutter, dumping the recycled boxes out of the garage, tossing out expired medicine, cleaning out the refrigerator and downsizing the accumulated junk that has multiplied in the closets. So in 2013, I am ready to work with you and find ways to reuse what we probably already have in our house and garage and clear the clutter in 2013!

Clear the Clutter in 2013

I have added a link up at the bottom of the page. Feel free to share your organizational ideas for clearing the clutter! When we all work together, we can get our ‘junk’ under control and we’ll be able to better enjoy our lives! I plan to add at least 12 ideas this year. The de-cluttering has begun!

Idea #1: Organize the medicine cabinet

If you are like me, your medicine cabinet is a mess. With three kids, it seems like I am always accumulating another medicine dropper, measuring cup, cough medicine or tube of some kind of medicinal cream. I think the items in my medicine cabinet just multiply behind the cabinet door. Last year, I found a great way to organize and corral all that stuff.

I found one of those baseball card holders that has been stored in my back closet for about 3 years. It works perfect! It has small compartments to divide the different items and it locks in place so I can slide it in the side of my cabinet!

What’s your best tip for getting started clearing the clutter in 2013? I’d love to hear!

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  1. This is a GREAT idea. I clean it out often but its not as organized as this. I have been wanting to order and restock items, but I have everything in two separate places. This is my project for the weekend, Thanks!

  2. I have been organizing and de-cluttering for the past couple days too, first thing I did was go through clothes/shoes/bags and donate what I couldn’t see myself using within the next 3 months, OR things I haven’t used within the past the months! No sense keeping it if it’s just taking up space!

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