What do kids need to create Backyard Fun?

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The long days of summer give the kids an opportunity to get outdoors and play, but sometimes even the most creative kids get bored. They don’t want to do the same old things they’ve done every other day. That’s when it’s time to give them a few new pieces of gear that will help them beat the boredom and create some fun. I’ve been putting together a bucket of items that help the kids gear up for some backyard fun.

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What do kids need to create Backyard Fun?

If your kids are like mine, they like to create their own games and tweak the traditional options to fit their own imagination. That’s why I love having a bucket with all the pieces they need to create fun.

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Most people already know that Oriental Trading has everything we need for VBS, wooden birdhouses and Big Top Party decorations, but did you also know that you can find lots of options for backyard fun? I love these fun items that I found for the kids. Now they are able to spend lots of time creating their own versions of summer games.

Whether you are looking for Tug-of-war, yard size Tic-Tac-Toe or plastic traffic cones, there are some colorful options that will give your kids some great backyard summer fun!


With these items, the sky is the limit to what games kids can create. Will they play a traditional game using the rings tossed over the flags? Maybe they’ll create an obstacle course with the oversize volleyball or beach ball around each of the cones.

Whether they are playing a game of Dominoes out on the grass using the large dice for their own unique twists or debating who got the bean bags closer to the rings that they have set out in an odd design over the yard, the kids are having a ball.


As long as kids are out moving, creating memories and using their imaginations, I’m not real concerned with what traditional game they are playing. I love providing them new pieces of backyard fun that help them enjoy the great outdoors.

What are your kids favorite pieces of outdoor gear? I’d love to hear!

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