The Coloring Table that Creates Memories


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Have you ever had an idea for a product and thought, “Wow! That would be really cool to have!” But then, you moved on and forgot all about it because it seemed like such an impossibility to make it really happen. But here’s one Kentucky Mom that had an idea and is working to create and produce the Coloring Table that Creates memories!


The Coloring Table that Creates Memories

When my kids were small, I bought a cheap plastic birthday tablecloth covered with balloons. I have used that tablecloth for most of the parties in our home for the past 10 years. About 3 years ago, I decided it would be really neat to make a fabric tablecloth that creates memories of each birthday as the kids grew up. We could draw balloons on it and sign our name each year. The problem with my idea? The color always faded out immediately as soon as I ran it through the wash. Plus the markers and paint bled through the fabric and the tablecloth slid all over the table. I just gave up on the idea because it seemed like an impossible idea.


But recently I received a product that a Mom in Danville, Kentucky has created called “The Coloring Table“. Guess what it is? The Coloring Table is a table cloth that stretches over your table for you to color and create memories with your kids! This thing is Genius!

color in the lines

Megan Dove is a Kentucky Mom of 3 who was inspired to create a coloring tablecloth while on a family trip to Guatemala. They were visiting in a home where the host invited them to take a marker and sign their simple black and white fabric tablecloth. Megan came home and started dreaming how to create tablecloths for families that would create lasting memories for the events in their lives.

About the Coloring Table

The Coloring Table provides beautiful fabric tablecloths with a durable laminate backing meant to be colored on with fabric markers or washable markers. Our designs provide the template for your creativity. For any occasion, come together with friends and families to make a lasting memory and a colored keepsake.


The goal of The Coloring Table is not to create another crafty project that busy Moms have to struggle to fit into their schedule. Instead, this is a way to turn time around the table into opportunities to make memories that will last! Everyone can pick up a marker and color!

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How It Works

You simply open the tablecloth, spread it on your table and start coloring. We received one of the prototype designs this past week and have been enjoying coloring with the kids each day. It’s one of those ongoing projects that we will hopefully never finish.

Each time someone comes to the table, we grab a marker and start coloring a different piece of the tablecloth. Then of course, we sign our name! I envision this as something we will pull out anytime we have family or friends over for a visit. Hopefully, we will be able to look back in 20 years and see our names and remember the fun we’ve had around the table over the years!

natalie and luke 3

Things to Know about The Coloring Table

  • The markers do not bleed through to your table. The cloth is a smooth canvas fabric made in South Carolina and a polyurethane laminate backing manufactured in Tennessee.
  • This product is 100% MADE in America!  You can see all about where the product is made on The Coloring Table FAQ page.
The Coloring Table
  • After coloring on the cloth, simply toss it in the dryer for 10 minutes to heat set the color.
  • You may wash and dry the tablecloth if it gets food or drink on it. Or you can simply spot treat it for small messes.
  • This product will be available for general sales as soon as the funding is all received – Hopefully Spring 2015.
The Coloring Table

Connect with The Coloring Table on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. I love that a Momcame up with it! Just goes to show, you only need one good idea!! It’s great for spending time with the kids…coloring and talking about their day!!

  2. I think the coloring table is an Awesome idea for a slumber party or party! I would have loved that as a kid!

  3. I love this idea. we could have a holiday memory tablecloth that the whole family could color little by little every year.

  4. I love that this coloring table is large enough for several children to be able to color at the same time. Thanks for the generous giveaway. Merry Christmas!

  5. I love this because I have an autistic son and I also work with special needs kids. This could be great for occupational therapy, and it is also fun!

  6. I’ve never seen anything like this! I could have the kids go color on the coffee table, kitchen table, wherever & not worry about mess!

  7. it would be very nice, for the kids to color it, then keep it around for every family feast we have! Then, it could be passed down! What fun.

  8. I like that it doesn’t bleed through, but more importantly I love that it is something that all the kids and family can work on together.

  9. This really is a wonderful idea- I remember being bored to tears at our family holiday tables, as a child. I like that this encourages creativity and keeps anxious kids busy!

  10. I Love this idea,looks like alot of Wonderful Memories,Great Job You have done with this Sharon Williams.I know the kids will enjoy this and keep them busy at the same time,Thank You so Much.

  11. That would be awesome to put down at the kids table on Christmas. Dinner would be much quieter if they had something to keep them busy!

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