DIY Captain America Costume


My son wanted to be Captain America for Halloween a few years ago. But I really hated spending $20 on a plastic costume that he would wear one time for Trick or Treating, a few times for fun around the house and then it would be done. Instead, we decided to make the costume.  We’ve never made a Captain America Costume, but we have created pirates, ninjas, bumblebees and Hermione. I was super excited to see what we could come up with little sewing and less money.

Captain America Costume

We had an Avenger mask from a former party, so we already had the shield and cardboard mask. Now all we needed was the costume.

  • Pants:  I found some blue sports pants that he could wear to school on regular days but we can use to become Captain America. ($8 at Walmart).
  • Top: He had a blue school hoodie that was perfect for his upper body. We just added a white star.
  • Boots: I bought 1 yard of red material to turn into boots that slide over his tennis shoes. I had a pair of black boots in the costume box from several years ago.  I just took those as my pattern, traced them on the backside of the material and then sewed them together.  They’re not perfect, but they’ll work great.  They don’t have a bottom, so my son can just wear his tennis shoes under them.
  • Belt:  I used a hot glue gun to attach stripes of white felt on the red material.  I just pinned it in the back so it will stay put while he’s dressed up.

Total cost for this outfit: $13.00 ($8.00 for the pants, $5.00 for the red material!)

Now we had Captain America!

Are you making or buying Halloween costumes this year? Got any great tips to share and inspire? I’d love to hear!!!

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  1. Great ideas…I found your site when looking for final detail ideas. I am making this right now but took a blue t shirt from michaels, glow in the dark duct tape and red duct tape for the patternon the shirt. Will use the red duct tape on plastic grocery bags as an overlay for the every day rain boots. Not expecting it to last a long time but halloween and a few dress up playtimes. 🙂 We already had blue track pants that will work for the bottoms.

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