March Madness Pom Pom Buddies

It’s March Madness! Time for spring basketball tournaments! That means everyone is watching their brackets, cheering on their favorite college basketball teams and dressing in their favorite colors! Kids want to get in on the fun too! So bring out the pom-poms, some construction paper, a few pipe cleaners and let the kids create their very own Pom Pom Buddies!


March Madness Pom Pom Buddies

march madness buddies 1


Construction Paper
Pom Poms
Pipe Cleaners



Depending on which kind of handle your pom pom has, you have several options for creating your pom pom buddies. If it has a stick like this one, then cut 2 small holes so you can slide a large head shape over the stick.

Cut round circle eyes and a mouth shape. Wind pipe cleaners around the stick to create crazy hair.

march madness buddies pipe cleaners

OR turn the pom pom the opposite direction and let the ribbons become hair. That will turn the pipe cleaners into arms. Cut a pennant and write “Go Big Blue”!

pom pom buddies go team go

Ideas for Other Handles

If your pom pom has smaller handles, then cut a shape out of paper to make the head. Tape the shape on the handle and then decorate.

Give your Pom Pom Buddy some hair!

march madness buddies hair
pom pom buddies 2

My kids had fun creating these pom pom buddies! Now we are ready to cheer on our favorite team! Go Team Go!

march madness buddies natalie

Are you going to make some pom pom buddies with your kids? I’d love to see how you celebrate March Madness!

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